June 2, 2016




Aloha, I’m Sarah Rose, a young style conscious Hairstylist and Makeup artist from Honolulu. Take a look around, you’ll find images and information on some of the types of work I do. I’ve been graciously styling men and women for over 12 years, working and educating in major cities from Atlanta to Seattle to San Diego and back to Honolulu. I’ve dabbled in film & television, photo, editorial work, pageants fashion shows, and have taught the craft to other aspiring hair designers.

Currently you’ll find me creating styles in one of Honolulu’s best little boutique salons, Profiles, located in the Ala Moana area. Scheduling is by appointment only. So please book yours today!

“The work is fun and I love what I do. People get excited and look forward to getting their hair done. Its a ritual of grooming and taking care of yourself. People leave my chair feeling refreshed and ready to flaunt what they got. For me, the reward truly outweighs the labor.”